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When my husband and I discussed making babies, we pictured the horniest sex of our lives and an “oops, on our first try too” moment while dancing with glee around a positive pregnancy test.

We did not imagine hurrying to an infertility clinic at 7 in the morning, with a newspaper under one arm and a sperm sample under the other.

But that, it seems, is how it’s going to be.

After years of irregular periods, I’ve been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), one of the most common types of infertility in women of a child bearing age.

Despite the rest of my family getting pregnant by batting their eyelids, I don’t ovulate, which means no matter how hard we try, there are no lovely eggs waiting to make-out with my husband’s sperm.

Frustratingly, no one really knows why people get PCOS, but medical intervention – through drugs to stimulate ovulation and other procedures, like IVF – can be very successful.

Although sometimes losing weight can help women with PCOS a lot, that’s not the case with me; I have thin-type PCOS, which means my weight has nothing to do with it, and might make it a little harder to get my happy ending.

I’m sure I’m going to get it, though – it just might take a bit longer than we planned.

So far, I’ve found it hard to join in on forums, probably because I struggle hearing other people’s bad news, or reading low treatment success statistics at the same time as trying to be positive.

So I decided to blog. This is our journey, about diagnosis, its effect on our relationship, and trying to come to terms with a life-changing condition.

It’s also about how we’ve chosen not to tell anyone close to us about my PCOS, instead facing countless “when are you starting a family” questions from family and friends who should know better, but  don’t. It’s also about our treatment, which to date has included Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and drinking herbs but, in a few weeks, will involve cycle monitoring and, if we need them, fertility drugs.

I hope I can inspire you, or at least stop you from being terrified and giving up.

So let’s raise a glass (of something nice and strong before we’re all pregnant and can’t drink) to cracking infertility. Here’s to happy endings.


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  1. quiet lips and heavy hearts/ the silence of infertility « still counting stars replied:

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  2. Lauren replied:

    Your story is similar to mine. In the last week, I was not diagnosed with PCOS, but a doctor grudgingly admitted that I might have it. I haven’t ovulated since getting off BC two years ago. However, I’m thin and not hairy 🙂

    Anyway, I’m trusting that God will cause me to ovulate and conceive. I want to be a mommy. Choosing joy is difficut, and I often have to avoid forums that only vent about down days. Instead, I blog anonymously at tearsarefalling.wordpress.com. Unlike my personal blog, most family and friends don’t know about this one. However, it is a good place to pray and be encouraged by women going through the same thing.

    Blessings on you. May your evening be filled with the peace that passes understanding.

    • Bring on the Bump replied:

      Thanks, Lauren!

      I havent told any of my friends and family about this one either – I’ll tell them eventually, when we’ve finally had a baby, but for now I don’t think I can handle their reactions.

      All the luck in the world to you on your journey, I’m sure it will turn out will for both of us in the end : )

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